Performing and Thriving in the new era of Ecosystems

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The technological, economic and social changes of the last decades have led to such a level of global interconnection that the real potential is no longer in individuals or single organizations, but in the rich and complex network of relationships between them. This scenario opens up new fundamental questions for the survival and growth of our organizations.

Who are "the right people"?
What can we do to enable their full potential?
What can we no longer ignore in our way of managing a team or a company?
What new concrete possibilities and advantages are there ready to be caught?

The answers to these questions will be guided by understanding what it means today for a company to be part of an ecosystem and how this affects in a non-linear way any flow of value within and outside the organization.

In particular, we will introduce a new concept I'm developing in the last years: ecoism.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. A little bit of context: why today everything looks like a mess?
  2. Focusing on people to solve the mess: why passion is not enough?
  3. Ecoism: what does it mean to enable the potential of an ecosystem?
  4. An exercise: find your next step in enabling your ecosystem.
  5. What are the right questions you can ask yourselves?
  6. A glimpse of the future: what's emerging you should keep an eye on?

Learning Outcome

You will learn to see your work and your organization from an ecosystems point of view.

You will learn 3 fundamental elements you have to develop in your people.

You will find a concrete next step to put in practice from the day after.

You will have a few pointers to follow what's emerging in this field.

Target Audience

It is valuable for all those people working in team. In particular: project managers, Scrum masters, coaches, managers and entrepreneurs.

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  • Vishal Prasad
    By Vishal Prasad  ~  1 year ago
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    Thank you for the submission Emanuele. Could you help me with the details around the structure of your session please? This will help me to proceed with the review. I would like to know the details about the exercise and a little more detail around the learning outcomes e.g.: details around the 3 fundamental elements.

    Also, any relevant slides and a video of this talk presented at another conference or a sample talk elaborating this topic would help. Thanks.


    • Emanuele Rapisarda
      By Emanuele Rapisarda  ~  1 year ago
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      Hello Vishal.
      About the exercise, I will guide the people in a few minutes (5 to 10) in observing their ecosystem and understanding the leverage points they can use. It will be a very short demo, given the time available, but it will help them to start working in practice on the topics we will discuss.

      About the 3 fundamental elements: they are abilities/behaviors that we can nurture in our organizations in order to help our people to move from an individual perspective to an ecosystemic one. In particular, we will explore the relations between them, avoiding reductionistic approaches.

      I've attached a video of a presentation in which I explore similar topics. It is in italian, and I will present it in english for the first time there at Agile India 2019. Here the link:

      For a content in english you can read this article, in which I introduce the concept of "ecoism", one of the pillars of my proposal:

      Thanks for your comment.