Power of Collaborations & Scalling Collaboarations using Innovation Games (r)

Mainly this topic will cover very basics of Innovation Games details on failure of collaboraton and 1-2 Games played in scaled environment based on slot given

Either online ( This need everyone to be online and have computer).


Physical ( This need few materials).

Objective :

See Power of customization using Visual frameworks & use of metaphors.

Speed Boat or Conference Tree to identify Conference benefits.


using Decision engine ( Use Buy next Conference Idea ) to collect prespective topics from participants .

Showing the same gamification process used in industry for portfolio priortization and product roadmap planning.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Step 1: Facilitation on step by step Collaboration & Game techniques also this is the time where i am also rearranging places of different participants in seating. Last i have done in Sherton Whitefield on 17-18 Sep for Automation Anywhere - 3 times for 100+ people ( private sessions so i can not share the pictures ).

Step 2: Demostration along with all participants able to use 1-2 frameworks as per slides ( still finalzing ).

Step3: Collaborating in one of Framworks together..

Step 4 : Cllecting takeaways.

Learning Outcome

Collaboration failures

Collaboration techniques

Modality used in collaboration

Innovation Games Frameworks

Practically seeing it while all participants do this togther using Weave tool on cloud

Target Audience

Stratergy . Product Management , Product Owners, Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Not much but basic Agile knowledge as session will take participant through the collaboaryion and scaling aspects while in Play /workshop mode.

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  • Shashikumar singh
    By Shashikumar singh  ~  7 months ago
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    Hello Vikas,

    Thanks for submitting your proposal on " Power of Collaborations & Scalling Collaboarations using Innovation Games " 

    Will it be possible for you to share some previous presentations slides which you would have done , Draft Slides of this presentation or any video link of your presentation.

    As it will help us to do review of your proposal.


    Shashi K Singh 

    • Vikas uppal
      By Vikas uppal  ~  7 months ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks for your email & I should really apologize that I was unable to send you everything with in time due to my travelling. I will able to send you slides in view mode after Diwali.

      You can go to my site www.vikasuppal.com ( yet to draft version).




      • Tathagat Varma
        By Tathagat Varma  ~  7 months ago
        reply Reply

        Can you share a video of any of your past talk?

        • Naresh Jain
          By Naresh Jain  ~  6 months ago
          reply Reply

          Hi Vikas, can you please respond to TV's comment? We are finalizing the program selection and waiting on this.

          • Vikas uppal
            By Vikas uppal  ~  6 months ago
            reply Reply

            Hi Tathagat 

            Sorry  i am not carrying any public Videos as most of confereneces I did were private events  ( worked as consultant facilitator - recent one was Automation Anywhere in same venue for AA ).

            Recently i spoke at Lean Kanban India.  

            Some of my pictures also.






        • Vikas uppal
          By Vikas uppal  ~  7 months ago
          reply Reply

          Hi Shashi - I have updated the Link, as well as some more details. I will be very happy in case - som one can update my email id vikas.uppal@curiosobyte.com as at times i dont go to ( my linkdin email ).