Building the true Agile Mindset – Learning from the most disciplined organization of India

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The Indian Armed forces is regarded as the highly and most disciplined organization in India. The Indian Army lives agility by the second. Unexpected attacks, encounters and sudden change in the operating environments are the norm of the day. In spite of such anxious moments, they give us the maximum business value. The motivations are always high and they are already to deliver in the most perilous environments.

If you look a little deep into the working challenges, I see no difference between complex systems development and the Army operations. Dealing with uncertainty, complexity, preparing for failures, rehearsing of failures, testing in Prod systems are some concepts in IT world, while the same challenges are relevant in the Army world.

My talk would be around some principles and learning in the army that can be used in the IT corporate world in building organizations to deal with dynamic market changes in short doing and living agile. Some interesting aspects that I would like to have share are dealing with motivation and dealing with constant changes. I will also share real time examples how Leaders exhibit the Decentralize decision making that has led to remarkable success and also some aspects of how soldiers take risks and try out new things that lead to remarkable success.

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Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Why Indian Armed forces as a case study
  • The Agile Principles that enable the Indian Army to deal with dynamic changes
  • The science behind motivation
  • Real examples of how leaders have lived the values and how soldiers have responded with out of the box thinking
  • The dawn of the new Leadership in corporates to take India to the next big level

Learning Outcome

  1. The nine principles that can be easily applied in IT Corporate world to build true agile teams and organizations
  2. The Leadership change – Need of the hour; Leadership focus
  3. Dealing with Uncertainty and always be prepared to deal with them-
  4. Do not hesitate to experiment- Inspire the teams to take risks
  5. The audience will not only learn and I am sure they will be inspired to take the lessons further to their organization
  6. The audience can be from any country and I am sure the principles remain the same in IT corporate change management

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners and IT corporate leaders


The audience must have experienced the agile way of working and must be wondering with the issues that is hindering to deliver business agility and lack of leadership support.

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    All the Best Anand. I am sure this will be a great presentation.

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    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • Anand this is going to be a great presentation..All the Best!!!

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