Sociotechnical Architecture: Aligning Teams and Software for Continuous Delivery

A loosely coupled software architecture and an organisational structure to match is one of the biggest predictors of continuous delivery performance (Forsgren et. al.). Accordingly, if you want to optimise end-to-end value creation and delivery in your organisation you need to you need to adopt a sociotechnical mindset.

When teams are designed without consideration of the software architecture, dependencies will arise in code that inhibit teams from delivering high value at speed. Worse, organisational dysfunctions will multiply. Teams will start to blame each other. Managers will try to grab power instead of optimising business outcomes. And employee motivation will drop dramatically.

Fortunately, by adopting a sociotechnical mindset you can align your teams and software systems to minimise dependencies and maximise product delivery. The sociotechnical mindset involves combining knowledge of multiple perspectives: social dynamics, the business domain, the business model, technology constraints, and more in order to design and continuously evolve an effective sociotechnical architecture.

In this talk you will learn about domain-driven design in order to understand how to model software systems with few dependencies. You’ll also learn about organisation design patterns addressing the social needs of people building software systems. And you’ll see lots of examples based on years of practical experience.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- My experiences with continuous delivery and organisation desgin

- Key research on org design and continuous delivery

- The 5 Key Heuristics for Designing sociotechnical systems

- Sociotechnical Fluidity / Organisational Resilience

Learning Outcome

How to co-design and co-evolve software architectures and the teams that build to optimise for business outcomes, individual productivity, and organisational learning.

Target Audience

CTO, VP Engineering, Software Architect, Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, Senior/Principal Engineer, Product Manager

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