Autonomics - Listen to your Machine - Achieve infrastructure agility

Automation is driving a radical shift in the delivery, infrastructure agility will improve predictability and achieve to reduce operational cost, enhance service levels, nowhere is this more apparent than in IT infrastructure management, where companies across industries are adopting various automation solutions

Autonomic computing is a self-managing computing model named after, and patterned on, the human body's autonomic nervous system. An autonomic computing system would control the functioning of computer applications and systems without input from the user, in the same way that the autonomic nervous system regulates body systems without conscious input from the individual. The goal of autonomic computing is to create systems that run themselves, capable of high-level functioning while keeping the system's complexity invisible to the user.

Large-scale systems, such as mega data centers, computer clouds, cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, are becoming increasingly complex and burdensome for people to manage.

The goal of autonomic computing is to create self-regulating, self-healing computer systems. If you’ve ever had to troubleshoot your own computer problems, you can imagine what time and energy could be saved if the computer could troubleshoot itself.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Agility & Automation
  • What is Infrastructure Agility
  • What is Autonomic computing
  • Fundamental theory of autonomic computing
  • Autonomic Components
  • Software Engineering for Autonomic Computing Systems

Learning Outcome

The session would help audience to know and learn about Autonomics computing and Agility, learn different algorithms and categories in which Autonomics computing can be implemented. Understand software engineering concepts for Autonomic computing – Architecture, Specifications, Design Methodology.

Target Audience

Agile & DevOps Practitioners, Product Owners, Development Team, Architects, Programmer, Innovators, RPA professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees


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      Prachi Shah / Dhiren - Developing High Productive Teams

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      We will talk about fundamental principles by which such acceleration occurs, give examples of those principles in practice, and give participants an opportunity to test how those principles can be applied and translated to their own work, this will be quick workshop.