The leader who spread the happiness syndrome

The million dollar question that everyone asks today is how do we foster collaboration and create a culture that nurtures team work, innovation, commitment and build great teams. How do we build an adaptive and learning organization?

My talk proposal is a case study weaved in the form of story about how a leader formed a team of teams and transformed the system with net result as engaged and happy employees. The story uncovers bit by bit different models that we as change agents used to trigger and sustain the metamorphosis.

Change even when good is often stressful. As humans we tend to defend status quo. Often there is a perception that people resist change but you dig further and uncover that what looks like resistance is often lack of clarity. What looks like laziness is exhaustion from frequent change in direction and strategy. What looks like people problem is often situation problem. With these insights how do we create happy and engaged teams? How do we initiate change, enlist support, enhance trust and finally make the change stick? My talk proposal is not just an experience sharing of how we started and led agile transformation but more of what models and principles we applied in doing so and sustaining the momentum.

I am part of Agile Practice Group in Veritas and we run well defined experiments with clarity on what we want to learn, how do we measure it and what experiment do we need to start to do that. These experiments have created wealth of experience and epiphany moments. My talk will be sprinkled with stories from these learnings. For instance how I used the Five dysfunctions of a team model and scrum values to solve trust, commitment and accountability challenges in a team. How we used our own experiences and John Cotter’s model to create and sustain change. How we used the Karpman drama triangle to help ourselves and teams move from victim to victor mindset. We used the 11 laws of fifth discipline to direct and navigate our discussions to ensure that solutions that we are proposing take a unified systemic view and not piecemeal solutions that create separate set of challenges.

My talk will also nudge the audience towards models that help build understanding of what can aid us work in a VUCAn (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment. As leaders we often focus on the technology aspects, this talk delves in to the powerful concoction of technology and people. I am a story teller at heart and have had successful experiences conducting trainings and sessions in Veritas.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Learning Outcome

- Stories and ideas that audience could take away to use in their coaching.

Target Audience

Agile coaches, scrum masters, servant leaders, managers: basically any and everyone.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    Rakesh, can you share the deck of your proposed talk. Also I want to sure that there are very specific takeaways for the audience, so if you could describe them.