Apply Human Sciences to deliver amazing digital experiences and transform business?

Digital is rapidly accelerating companies need to run better and run different. Companies struggle to realize value from digital products and services as they fail to unlock contextual and actionable insights from customer interactions.

How do you serve the clients by addressing a specific business challenge or opportunity rather than sell a product or service? How do you implement the simplicity of apple and the convenience of Uber? How do you seek deep understanding of your customer, integrate innovative experiences to build compelling creative content, leverage technology and automation to scale globally and across brands?

Consider game changing scenarios for insurance sector such as individualized car insurance, moving from paying claims to preventing loss events from happening in the first place. How do you change the game?

We need human sciences driven approach to drive business growth and delight customers. What are the core competencies that drive enterprise agility? The talk is going to focus on integrating agile and design thinking competencies to innovate and deliver digital ready solutions of minimum marketable feature sets. It would cover the stages of human centered approach from discovery, ideate & define, , experience design, pilot and scale.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk would take roughly around 20 minutes.

In terms of outline for the presentation will be as follows:

  1. What are the key Enterprise Agility Competencies?
  2. Agile and Design Thinking Process Interlocks
  3. Potential new roles to support Design Thinking in Agile Teams
  4. Human Centered Approach to building Digital experiences

Learning Outcome

  1. What competencies are needed to achieve enterprise agility such as design thinking, Agile, DevOps, modern architecture and modern teams.
  2. Achieve greater business value by interlocking practices and artifacts between design thinking and agile
  3. What are the new roles that would be needed to support human centered discovery and experience design?
  4. Integrated human centered approach to build amazing digital experiences

Target Audience

IT Portfolio Leaders, Program and Product Managers, Enterprise and Portfolio Architects, Budget Controllers, Financial Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

None. Folks who are ready to sit with open mind and a cup of coffee.

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Public Feedback

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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  10 months ago
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    In addition to my prior comment, I looked through the slides. I like the emphasis on the integration of ux/design thinking and agile, but it feels like you are advocating for a 'waterfall' design approach. This may not be the case, so how will you frame how this fits into the pacing of an agile team?

    • Pranay Chanda
      By Pranay Chanda  ~  10 months ago
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      Hi Jeremy,

      My sincere apologizes for the delay in my reply. I was out on vacation with no access to emails. I did not realize that content felt like waterfallish. The intention is to have UX/design + Agile hand in hand one feeding into other with tight feedback loop. I can incorporate changes to make it more build-measure-learn loops.

      The content can be covered in 20 mins talks, I have done some brown bags with the same content with my some my teams that I am currently coaching. In terms of techniques the audience would get an overview important techniques with examples that they can leverage to create their own.

      Please let me know if there further questions.



  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  11 months ago
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    I like the intro. It is very persuasive. My concern is that it feels like it is a lot for 20 minutes. Is this a talk you've done before? Second, I like the setup, but the payoff sounds like a generic UX talk on design thinking. How are you bringing in the human sciences? Are there specific techniques that people will be able to apply after hearing your talk? 

    Thanks for submitting! I'm really looking forward to seeing your updates.

  • Archana Joshi
    By Archana Joshi  ~  11 months ago
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    Thank you Pranay for your submission. The topic looks interesting. Have you also applied the techniques referred in your proposal in practical situations or is it currently at conceptual level?

    • Pranay Chanda
      By Pranay Chanda  ~  11 months ago
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      Thanks for your feedback Archana !. It has been successfully applied in client situations. The outputs from the design thinking workshops contain client materials and hence not added to the deck. The approach can be configured by clients to make it there own.