Servant Leadership: An Art Beyond Certifications

Management is cake walk, Leadership is not and Servant Leadership is definitely not. Becoming a great Servant Leader and creating legacy is beyond any of the certifications. I will unpack some useful aspects of servant leadership which delegates can start implementing in their life and working environment from the very next day


Outline/Structure of the Talk

5 mins -What we could learn from Doctors and Parents?

10 mins - Roleplaying - A Wonderful problem solving technique

5 mins - A Tried and tested better way of Impediments Resolution

10 mins - Personal Behavioural Model - A model to solve complex problems within teams

5 mins - What we can contribute towards the greater community and how?

8 mins - How to lead by example and manage failures and a very small clip on leadership message by a Aero space scientist which will motivate attendees

2 Mins - Q&A and closing

Learning Outcome

- What Doctors and Parenthood teaches us?

- Resolve impediments while creating legacy

- Personal Behavioural Model to make better decisions

- How to be a servant leader for bigger community and why

- An important message from experience of an Aero space scientist on Servant Leadership

Target Audience

People who are passionate about Servant Leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees

Will share small small tips to be a better servant leader, hence nothing.

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