10 years of transforming mindset

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In 2008 I was member of a leadership team at Ericsson starting the transformation towards agility for a 2000 people organization. Soon we heard, that agile is a mindset and somehow that sounded right. But it was so hard to get: for me that full mindset change journey took about a year. Through it, I have become one of the transformation drivers at enterprise level. Today I am driving the transformation of a 15000 people business unit as organizational coach/inhouse consultant. Having worked with all kinds of people in all kinds of roles on all levels in the hierarchy across the company gave me a lot of experience with how to get the mindset across. One key learning is, that there is no one-size-fits all approach to it. People are different and different groups of people react in different ways through the group dynamics.

In this talk I will share my 10-year-experience with facilitating mindset change. I will share several examples of different kinds of people and groups of people I encountered and what I found working to facilitate the mindset change.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction (the difficulty of agile mindset; different kinds of people and groups of people – overview & key characteristics) (5 min.)

How to address different people and groups (examples: development teams, managers, executives, HR business partners, financial people) (30 min)

  • Approaches I found working well (things I would recommend to do)
    (Examples: leading by example; practices that support mindset shift; the power of visualizations; change in language; change in (organizational) structures)
  • Approaches, that didn’t work (things I would recommend not to do)
    (Examples: Delegate change; trying to do it without coaches; ...)
  • Things that can go wrong – and how to deal with them.

Staying mentally sane - a few recommendations on how to manage yourself trying to facilitate mindset change (10 min.)

Learning Outcome

Mindset change means a change in the way you think and respond to the world.

As people are different, they have different paths to change their world view.

You learn about several good practical approaches to help people in mindset change, that you can apply in your own work environment.

Target Audience

Agile coaches. Leaders.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    Case Study

    When it comes to success in Agile, there is certainly no single formula for success but there are two basic principles that go hand in hand: the right Mindset and Empowerment

    Here I present, a case study of two teams (that I led at different points in my career), both of whom followed the Agile methodologies. One team was efficient and focussed while the other was sluggish and unpredictable. There were a few fundamental differences, between these teams that led to completely different outcomes, although both teams comprised of talented and committed individuals. This session, gives you more insights to enable your teams for success. For more details, click the link to the slides.

    This is a new talk and the case studies are based on my experience in the industry over the past 20 years having worked as a developer, scrum master, and development leader in companies like Alcatel, Siemens, Nokia and now Ericsson.