While high performance teams collaborate, make decisions based on evidence and pursue major goals, very often management is still based on hierarchies, competition and self-interest.
Collaborative Boards is an approach to help organizations to steer autonomous teams through Lean Leadership and mutual help.
Have you ever wonder, how can organizations steer a myriad of high performant teams? Keeping them aligned while preserving autonomy, engagement and performance is a delicate balance.
Collaborative Boards are based on Lean principles, Toyota Kata and the experience of practical implementations performed in Munich and Zurich.
You will learn how to align squads, tribes and a whole organization without the need to depend on individual abilities or soft-skills. Through Collaborative Boards teams can communicate, align goals, get support and thrive.
To get a feeling about the content and underlying principles, the third video of the series is a good starting point: https://goo.gl/6Zdi7S

Outline/Structure of the Talk

It is a presentation, where the following topics are going to be covered:

  • Problem description
    alignment & autonomy, long & short term goals, local & global optimizations
  • Actual solutions
    SAFe, LeSS, Nexus ... we will see the problems with adding roles or Scrum-based solutions, where other aspects are not considered
  • Quick Overview of Collaborative Boards
  • Principles that sustain the model and other aspects promoted by it
    • Toyota Kata
    • Self-Organization
    • Self-Team-Building
    • Ownership & Initiatives
  • Concrete implementations and results (Munich & Zurich)
    How the apparent contradictions have been solved and balanced.

Learning Outcome

How to govern an organization based on autonomous teams, keeping the balance between:

  • short & long-term focus
  • organizational & team goals
  • autonomy & alignment
  • local & global optimizations
  • and more, while at the same time increasing collaboration, mutual support and transparency

Target Audience

Mid- and Top-Managers, who want to spread agile & lean principles across the whole organization.

Prerequisites for Attendees

It would be very beneficial to have a look at the following videos of the presenter:

And of course, the famous video on Spotify Culture, from Henrik Kniberg:

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