Agile and Meaning - Building Shared Leadership

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Throw a purpose in a middle of a crowd, it will start t self-organise. Act in a purposeful way is not an easy attitude in a business environment driven by compliance rather than by meaning. Larger the entreprise, more is the purpose diluted into process. This workshop offers a perspective of meaning as a powerful change agent and a framework of shared leadership development to offer alignment between actions and purpose.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The workshop's agenda unfolds as follows :

The leadership journey from practice to purpose : illustrate the spectrum of teams and entreprises culture evolution from contingent compliance, through self-awareness toward meaningful co-creation

The Inner Leadership : experiment the link between ownership, responsibility and leadership to develop a leadership posture regardless of the role in a team,

The Servant Leadership: in this phase participants will explore the leadership attitude at the service of teams who share a common purpose, and the importance of servant leadership to change the cultural paradigm.

Learning Outcome

Discover the powerful impact of meaning in an organisation dynamics, especially with an intention of transformation

Explore the mindset shift toward leadership when we connect actions to a shared purpose.

Learn how to develop our leadership potential as an individual, as a team and an organisation, regardless of our position in the hierarchy.

Target Audience

Manages, Product Owners, Team Members, HR professionals, People

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing in particular.

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  • Tathagat Varma
    By Tathagat Varma  ~  10 months ago
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    Oana - the proposals looks interesting. Can you please share some timeline of how you plan to utilize 90 minutes?

    • Oana Juncu
      By Oana Juncu  ~  10 months ago
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      Hi Tathagat,

      Thank you for your Interest and your question.

      the workshop will have an agenda :in 3 steps 

      1 Impact of implementing Agile with Intention ( meaningful) :- 30- min  presenting the context of  different Agile phases that aims to illustrate the impact on implementing Agile as a practice, as a posture then around meaning;  the link between Product Ownership and shared leadership will be highlighted and experiences in quick exercices questioning shared dream and its benedfits at an individual and group level.

      Inner Leadership : 25 min The second step will introduce a framework I use based on  Positive discipline and Adler principles to create awareness on individual growth and the impact of individual behavior on the group from a systemic approach. 

      Servant Leadership :25 min   introduces the model of servant leadership as a support of Inner leadership to build shared leadership and proposes a set of 2 exercices to shift from power  to powerful  organisations. 

      interactive Conclusion Learnings and Insights - 10 min. Query the audience on their learnings, personal shifts and takeaways for their teams. 


      I hope this helps.

      kind regards,


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    Because the productivity driven world of the industrial era encouraged us to divide in order to control, we live today in disconnection. Disconnection from ourselves, from our team, from our society. This workshop proposes to shift the paradigm and innovate using "reconnection" principles as defined by the Theory U. To understand the way theory U operates at a people group level, a concrete framework, "Process Work", by Arnold Minundell, will be experienced.

    The workshop is a hands-on experiment of impact of change on each member of a team, including the game change player. The different stages of transformation defined by the Theory U will be experimented via Process Work, and is equally inspired by the model of living systems.

    The ultimate intention of this workshop is to offer participants a learning experience of emergent co-created innovation , via quality listening, and the ability to redirect perspective