Agile based Fixed Price Projects in I.T. Services. Where there is a NEED, there must be a WAY.

While staunch believers of Agile Software Methodology may view this as Anti-Agile, one of the stark realities and difficulties that outsourced I.T. Services organisations are grappling with today is the ever increasing trend of customers expecting their "Partner" organisations to commit and deliver projects on time and of "high quality" adopting "Agile" practices under Fixed Price Contracts.

Prudent I.T. Services organisations must learn to work with their customers to propose and establish delivery frameworks and execution strategies that are contextual to a project or program - one that makes engineering and commercial sense to the businesses involved.

This talk will be an experience based articulation of the author's point of view on (i) what the constituent elements of such delivery frameworks must be , (ii) ways to identify engineering and project management practices that are based on proven principles and bodies of knowledge, and (iii) pave the way for a reliable estimation of the work and in turn, a balanced commercial contract.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. A quick recap of the Agile Manifesto.

2. A quick definition of key concepts or terms relevant to Agile based delivery.

3. Explain the approach in evolving a delivery framework that is based on established principles and bodies of knowledge.

4. Explain how such a delivery framework forms the basis of estimation, contracting and overall governance in outsourced I.T. projects and programs.

5. Summarise.

Learning Outcome

Equip the target audience with a first-principles based approach to meaningfully engage with customers in outsourced Agile based projects that are governed by fixed price contracts. Not losing sight of the need to maintain an optimum balance between the spirit of Agile software development and the harsh realities of an outsourced commercial world.

Target Audience

Pre-Sales, Functional Consultants, Business Analysts, Technology Solution Architects, Project Managers, Program Managers, Delivery Managers, Delivery Heads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding and appreciation of the Agile Manifesto: Values and Principles.

Understand the nuances of a Fixed Price, Fixed Scope, Fixed Schedule I.T. Projects.

Understand the elements and challenges associated with a Fixed Price Contract.

Experience/Exposure to Agile based I.T. Projects and Programs.

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