Enterprise Agility - Restructuring organizations to deliver value

Becoming Enterprise Agile requires changing the structure of teams and organizations, processes, culture and mindset, and of course the technology aspect. This workshop will help you re-imagine your organizational and team structures to deliver value with agility.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Enterprise Agility - What constitutes Enterprise Agility?
  2. The need for restructuring organizations.
  3. Value Stream mapping as a technique for restructuring organizations.
  4. Participants to create the AS-IS Operational and Development value streams from their real project/organization context
  5. Participants to create the TO-BE Operational and Development value streams to optimize value delivery
  6. Participants to create a high-level roadmap to reach the TO-BE state

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn the skill of using value stream mapping as a technique of restructuring organizations.

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Working experience in Agile initiatives.

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