Retrospective Anti-Patterns

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Anti-Patterns are like patterns, only more informative. With anti-patterns you will first see what patterns reoccur in "bad" retrospectives and then you will see how to avoid, or remedy, the situation.

Based on her experience with facilitating retrospectives, join Aino for an entertaining and informative presentation on the anti-patterns she has seen and how to overcome the problems. We also encourage the audience to chip-in with their experiences or questions along the way.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This is a presentation

Learning Outcome

What can go wrong in retrospectives, and how to avoid it.

Target Audience

Agile coaches, people who facilitate retrospectives

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  • Tathagat Varma
    By Tathagat Varma  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks for your proposal Aino. Though this topic has been addressed in the past, there aren't too many topics on retrospective this time. So, I clearly see a value here. One thing that could add a lot of value to people is to understand how some of these panned out in real-life and what was the impact of changes thereof. Do you have such exmaples to share in the talk?

    • Aino Corry
      By Aino Corry  ~  1 year ago
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      Yes, I have identified some anti-patterns that often happen in retrospectives. I explain all of them (I think I will have time for about 6 in the talk) with an example of what happened that lead to the bad decisions, what implications these decisions had and what could be done to change the situation.  Sometimes the situation cannot be saved, so all there is to do is list it as a learning experience. But my hope is that with these named anti-patterns, people will be aware of what can go wrong, for which reasons and what to do instead.