We are progressing into Digital World, very swiftly. Many organizations are either disrupting other organizations or getting disrupted themselves. Adapting to the sheer speed of change is a greatest challenge ever faced by any organization. Many organizations are doing great job and they are leading their efforts in a effective way.

Besides many other elements, human beings working for the organization are the most important part of this. In this presentation, I will talk about the very human aspects of this new age leadership which will make the leaders successful in engaging his team(s), build a human centered culture resulting in a successful organization. The talk is inspired by the book "The Mind of the Leader - How to lead yourself, your team and your organization for Extraordinary Results"

The Outline/Structure section below has additional details.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

2. What motivates the workforce

3. Qualities a leader need - Mindfulness, Selflessness, and Compassion

4. The 3 levels of change progression - you, your team and organization


5. Understanding yourself, leading yourself

6. Selfless leadership and leading yourself with compassion

Your Team(s)

7. Understand your people.

8. Mindful leadership, Selfless Leadership

9. Compassionate Leadership

Your Organization:

10. Understand your organization

11. Lead for a mindful organization

12. Lead for a Selfless Organization

13. Lead for a Compassionate Organization

14. Conclusion

Learning Outcome

An overview of

1. Needs of today's workforce - What motivates them?

2. What a leader needs to do to build highly motivated teams, highly motivated organization which can result in extraordinary results.

Target Audience

Leaders, Change Agents, Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers and anybody in leadership roles.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Dhiren

    Dhiren - DevOps with Analytics - Listen to Pipeline

    Product Development Manager
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    DevOps alone is not going to help for better software delivery. DevOps with some analytics will give you smarter & intelligent software delivery pipeline.

    The simple truth is that, as currently configured, data-centric companies will struggle to cross the divide between what is currently considered effective data and a modality where analytics is an inherent part of the fundamental fabric of business operations that benefits from continuous improvement. Today data is all too often a process where new insights and models get developed as a one-time effort or deployed to production on an ad hoc basis, and require regular babysitting for monitoring and updating.

    I strongly believe DevOps with Analytics (Cognitive Services) would give tremendous outcomes in the IT operations perspective. Every organization is struggling to maintain the data noise. Data noise is nothing but a data overload and human’s inability to interpret.