Site Reliability Engineering Approach to DevOps

This session is intended to talk about How to build true Site Reliability Engineering Teams to deliver quality software to market faster. Presenter will be explaining a new theory around product development which is called "Triangle of Three forces". This concept was introduced by the speaker and now widely used in high performing SRE Teams. Plesse find a link to basic diagram here

Also case study will be done in how Presenter build Site reliability engineering teams to achieve business agility and true devOps practices.

SLI,SLO and SLA will be discussed to deep dive into how DevOps metrics can be implemented across the organazations


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Please find the high level summery below

  • Site Reliability Engineering(SRE) Basics
  • Triangle of Three Forces
  • Case Study
  • SRE Career Opportunities and skill development

Learning Outcome

How to develop skills to become SRE / DevOps engineer

How to form high performing SRE teams to increase the business agility

DevOps implementation in modern organazations

How to achieve Digital Transformation

Target Audience

Site Reliability Engineers,DevOps/Software management, DevOps Engineers,Developers,Solution Architects,Students

Prerequisites for Attendees

Paper and a Pen

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