Watch-out for Agile Transformations with Waterfall Mindset

This session helps in understanding problems when teams move towards Agile but leadership is still stuck with waterfall mindset. It also helps in understanding why Agile transformations fail.

Even after making transformation efforts for multiple years, in many enterprises, people start doing Agile "process" eventually. But the whole setup, organisational culture, hierarchy, siloed mindset, delays across departments remain same. Even after spending millions, the benefits remain negligible. The enterprise doesn't become agile enough in coming out with innovation and anticipating disruptive changes in the market

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

* Outline the project execution process in enterprises which in itself is very waterfalish

-- Stakeholders driven business ideas

-- Defining the roadmap or a business case around business idea and cost

-- Discuss the same and get approval in annual budgetary cycle

-- Project approval and start shaping the requirements

-- Start involving UX team 'now'

-- Form Agile teams and start implementing the business idea

-- Ship to the user

* Actual agility in the process is just 10-20% from the time Agile teams gets involved in

* Define overall problems in this process and corresponding solutions

* Explain the mechanics of some common enterprise agile transformations

* Define resulting coaching chaos

* Problems at ground zero and their corresponding solutions

-- Leadership having no clue on their role

-- Focus on excel sheets driven agile transformations and no focus on 'Genchi Genbutsu' (Go See)

-- No focus on mindset and organizational cultural change

-- No structural changes

-- Technical practices and DevOps related changes taking the back seat

-- Framework oriented Agile transformation rather than what works for the organization

-- Traditional 'output' driven mindset

Learning Outcome

* People getting to know why Agile transformation is not working in their organisation

* What involves in bringing true agility in an enterprise?

* Things to watch-out for while moving towards enterprise Agile transformation

Target Audience

Executives, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team members

Prerequisites for Attendees


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