Hello Design Thinking : From Ideas to Innovation

From Ideas to Innovation is a deep dive into the design thinking skills of ideation, prototyping, and iteration. This workshop will help participants (especially Product owners, Product Managers) to get a glimpse on how to move from ideas to actions. Throughout this workshop participants are given different activities that will engage the participants throughout the session to Immerse them in to "Design thinking"


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Introduction

2. The Art of ideating

3. Rapid prototyping

4. Build/Measure and ideate again!

Learning Outcome

  • How to turn your ideas into small experiments where failure becomes learning.
  • Build quick and rapid prototypes so others can help you get from outrageous to brilliant ideas.
  • Building experimentation culture
  • Move from ideas to real innovations in the marketplace through the process of ideation, prototyping, and iteration.
  • Bring others in on your version of the future.
  • Use Evidence based Management to Measure and decide whether to Pivot or Proceed!!

Target Audience

Anyone that are looking to turn divergent ideas to convergent actions!

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no pre-requisite for this session. However a basic understanding of "Product Thinking" will be useful.

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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  1 year ago
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    Thank you for submitting your session.

    1. can you go into more detail on your outline?

    2. Is this a new presentation of has it been given before? I love the idea of multiple exercises and want to make sure you can accomplish what you intend in the time allotted.

    • Venkatesh Rajamani
      By Venkatesh Rajamani  ~  1 year ago
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      Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for your comments. The session will be a Hello to a topic "From Ideas to Innovation" This entire session will be ran using a CASE( real time problem statement).

      Problem Statement: "A problem Statement will be shown to the participants"



      1. Participants will be given an handout with 30 CIRCLES activity to Diverge and come up with as many ideas as possible. [ 5 mins]

      2. Then the 3 lenses of "Design thinking will be introduced [ 5 mins]

      3. An activity to demonstrate Ideate , Prototype and Iterate [ 30 mins]

      • In this 30 mins , participants will be going through an activity [ Solo, Pairs and Groups]
      • Diverge to - >Converge
      • Quick prototyping to give them a glimpse on how to move from ideation to prototyping.

      4. Debriefing about the same and conclude the session.


      There wont be any presentation for this session, but an activity oriented exercises that I had learned and submitted as a CASE study in my journey. Happy to give more Information if required!

  • Liked Venkatesh Rajamani

    Venkatesh Rajamani - Liberating Structures Immersion : Unlocking to Unleashing !

    90 Mins

    About Liberating Structures

    Liberating Structures offer a revolutionary solution to collaboration in groups. Invented by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, Liberating Structures are a set of microstructures (33 at the moment) that use a handful of simple rules to unleash and involve everyone - no matter the size of the group.

    About the Immersion Workshop

    I will demonstrate the power of Liberating Structures in 90-mins quick Immersion using Strings (I will string 5 LS together to solve a problem to demonstrate participants how to use them in their real life. By immersing themselves in 5-6 Liberating Structures, participants will learn how to use them to help others work at the top of their intelligence and creativity.


    There won't be any slides for this workshop. The entire activity will be demonstrated using number of LS.(Strings)

    You could find some pictures of LS workshop from the website of mine. I am happy to provide more information if you want. I have been running the same as part of my meetups.