Tao-inspired transformation

The book of Tao (400 BC) is about Agility,

Lao-Tzu (老子), who presumably wrote the book, was the first documented Agile coach, advising Duke Xian, of the Zhou dynasty thru the Chinese empire transformation.

In this session we will hear his story, dive into the principles of Taoism and understand the deep connection between Taoism and agility.

We will connect to the idea that the whole world is one, discuss the power and risk of definitions, and examine the relevance of this to the agility of people, teams and organizations.

We will also get a peek into "The Agile Tao", a fascinating book by Peter Merel that refactors the book of Tao into Agility.

A journey of a thousand miles begins at the spot under one’s feet. join us as you are.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will contain a few short meditations, the story of Taoism, and mainly a sample of the book talking about topics such as Agility, Leadership, Acceptance, Hierarchy and Respect

Learning Outcome

A deeper understanding of agility and the role of the coach in it.

Target Audience

Anyone seeking to connect to the roots of agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

An intimate space with no noise leaking from other rooms would be perfect.

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