A Very Short Design Sprint

location_city Bengaluru schedule Mar 21st 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM place Grand Ball Room 2 people 118 Interested

Join me for a very short Design Sprint, where we go through the motions meant for 5 days in just 90 minutes, with a commentary from me about my personal experience in facilitating these.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

A short introduction followed by the stages of a design sprint on a small project

Learning Outcome

How to facilitate a design sprint, how to get the most out of a design sprint

Target Audience

Agile coaches, developers, architects, designers, etc.

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  • Yves Hanoulle
    By Yves Hanoulle  ~  1 year ago
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    I give this session an 8 on 10

    What I love about this:
    - it's a mini workshop where people can experience what a desing sprint is.
    - it's 90 minutes. 

    To give this session a 10 out of 10

    • The sessions needs to have a retrospective part where everyone shares what they have learned 1, 9 points

    • The sessions proposal should be more in detail 0,1 point improvement.