Organize for business agility - creating organizations, that thrive in a complex business world

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One of the challenges when driving business agility is the question of how a company should structure its organization to make it fit for the modern, complex business world.

There are many opinions about this - but what is the right thing to do for you? How can you find a structure, that empowers people and teams? How can you keep your business "on track" at the same time?

This workshop will empower you to answer that question for yourself:

You will learn about different organizational models and structural approaches, their philosophies, advantages and disadvantages.

You will learn about several concepts, that are key to increasing business agility in your company and you will learn about how the implementation of needed changes can be driven practically.

The workshop consists of some conceptual/theoretical lectures, group work for experience exchange and exercises to experience and try out concepts and approaches.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Welcome & introduction (10 min)

The world we live in - interactive lecture (15 min)

Fundamental approaches to thrive in the world we live in (business agility) (30 min)

Thinking tools, that help thriving in the world we live in - lecture and exercises (120 min)

Organizational models - structures, philosophies, advantages and disadvantages - interactive (45 min)

Human systems & how to influence them - lecture & exercise (120 min)

Buiding an organization - exercise (120 min)

Summary and conclusions (20 min)

Learning Outcome

Participants can characterise the world we live in.

Participants know and can practically apply thinking tools, that help with thriving in the world we live in.

Participants know different organization structural approaches, their philosphies, advantages and disadvantages.

Participants know how to drive empowerment by balancing alignment and autonomy.

Participants know about human systems and can practically apply systems thinking in their approaches to organizational structures.

Participants are able to drive structural change in their organization, that is aligned with the goals of business agility.

Target Audience

Managers, leaders and coaches, that are thinking about changing an organizational structure to enhance business agility in their company.


Management and leadership experience in organizations of at least 50 people.

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    45 Mins
    Case Study

    When it comes to success in Agile, there is certainly no single formula for success but there are two basic principles that go hand in hand: the right Mindset and Empowerment

    Here I present, a case study of two teams (that I led at different points in my career), both of whom followed the Agile methodologies. One team was efficient and focussed while the other was sluggish and unpredictable. There were a few fundamental differences, between these teams that led to completely different outcomes, although both teams comprised of talented and committed individuals. This session, gives you more insights to enable your teams for success. For more details, click the link to the slides.

    This is a new talk and the case studies are based on my experience in the industry over the past 20 years having worked as a developer, scrum master, and development leader in companies like Alcatel, Siemens, Nokia and now Ericsson.