Understanding a creative approach of problem solving that starts with the people for whom you are designing the solution and tailoring as per their needs.

It's all about building a deep empathy with the people that you are designing for, generating ideas, building prototypes, sharing with people , getting feedback and then solutionizing.

Human Centred Design is about Diverging and Converging through the phases of Inspiration >> Ideation and Implementation with a touch of human empathy.

(Inspired by IDEO.Org)


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

10 mins: Talk on Introduction to Human Centred Design

10 mins: Briefing the Design challenge

15 mins: Phase 1 : Inspiration (Planning Research Methods: Learn from Experts/Interviewing/Analogous Inspiration)

15 mins: Phase 2: Ideation (Synthesis: To capture the learning's and generating How Might we questions to converge to a solution)

30 mins: Phase 3: Prototyping(Selecting the promising idea and generate a prototype)

10 mins: Feedback

Learning Outcome

As you participate you will learn about other how human-centred Design is being carried out by keeping in view of Human empathy and designing solution according to the needs.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in designing the solutions

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be Fully energetic ,involved and open .

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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  1 year ago
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    A few concerns:

    • This may be a bit basic for the audience.
    • It is unclear from the proposal and your profiles what your expertise is in user centered design, outside of having run this workshop before

    Can you update this to add some nuance that might make this more relevant to an experienced audience as well as highlight some of the relevant experience of the presenters?

    • Anju Gahlawat
      By Anju Gahlawat  ~  1 year ago
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      Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for reviewing the proposal and appreciate the concerns.

      Yes this will be a basic session for audience to get introduced to the HCD concepts and how it needs to be carried out. If required we can work on talking and introducing about different approaches of empathy or Ideation.

      Being an Agile coach I don't have extensive expertise in this, but yes we have had couple of them in our day to day workshops at the inception phase for the programs.

      The major one that we have had ran outside is for the Go4IT program.