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Agile in Medicine

Is it possible to create an Agile clinic? How can cross-functional physicians teams work using Scrum? How does Agile in medicine effect a patient's health?

This is a story of how Agile literally changed lives.

In early 2017, the owner of a major medical network came to me and said that he wanted all his clinics to go through an Agile transformation. At first, I could not believe my ears. I know how to bring Agile to sales, but I had never worked with doctors. However, he managed to convince me, and this turned out to be the most difficult, yet also the most interesting and rewarding, project in my life. Now I know for sure that Agile is the best thing to happen to medicine! Come and hear this fascinating story.

This is the story about how we created Scrum teams including everyone from the security guard to the head physician. About the immense resistance with which the Agile coaches had to face and which almost lead to the death of the project. And how, eventually, Agile helped the clinic to increase income and the patients started to line up to receive treatment in that clinic.

This is a story for everyone. Agile has long transcended the IT borders. Not everyone agrees with it, but this is our reality. Agile transforms people's minds, and without that transformation, businesses will just fail in our quickly changing world. If Agile turned the worst chain clinic into the best among 40 others in just 5 months, and patients drove across the whole city to be treated exactly there, then imagine how your business will improve if your Agile transcends the IT sphere? And, mainly, how much happier will you, your team and your clients or patients become?


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. What is Agile in medicine and why it matters to the whole world.
  2. Agile transformation launch in a dental clinic that belongs to a chain of forty.
  3. The launch of three cross-functional teams in medicine and how the overall quality of medical services has grown.
  4. Using the Scrum framework. How it increased the clinic’s profit 2.4 times in six months.
  5. Sabotage, lack of leaders and fear of changes – it almost choked Agile. What did we do to keep Agile going?
  6. Weekly sprints, testing hypotheses, backlog and user stories – how it all made this clinic the best out of forty. This clinic was popular with patients from all over the city of Moscow.
  7. How Agile values and principles help doctors develop continually and add value for their clients.
  8. Scaling Agile – why we have Facebook streaming to let any employee of the forty clinics see our demo or planning meeting.
  9. Retrospectives in medicine – they help improve patient treatment and avoid medical malpractice.
  10. Conclusion – how Agile has affected medicine in general

Learning Outcome

  • How to create a cross-functional team of physicians?
  • How to use Scrum in medicine?
  • How did Agile principles and values help the clinic to double its income in 5 months?
  • How Agile affects the treatment quality and patients?
  • What are the main difficulties in Agile transformation in medicine?
  • How can Agile culture be scaled to 40 clinics?

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Prerequisites for Attendees

Information for Program Team:

Agile in medicine is a unique project, and all the world must know about its success. Thanks to Agile, the world will have quality medical treatment to save thousands of lives.

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