How do teams share their understanding on the common goals? It is either audio or visual. Recording each talk and storing them ( tagged) is not the most effective way to share common knowledge. Sketching is not new to agile teams. We are taking it a step forward in the form of Vision Boards. Vision Board – is creative visualization of your goals. While our focus in this talk, remains on- how teams could use the board, Individuals use these in order to make their life goals into reality. There are pictures or sketches of what they want – all pasted together on one board – so they constantly remind themselves of their ultimate goals in the bigger scheme of things. These goals may not be achievable with one task. They may need a series of tasks which do not directly seem to be connected with the goal. But these visualizations captured - are very good indicators of what success means to one.

We used Vision Boards to visualize our customer experience, their reactions and expected patterns of use for our application. This board single handedly kept all our teams aligned and as many changes happened – the teams knew their true north when they were discussing how to design the screens and which features to build on (priority). Our already agile teams were constantly looking at the short term goals of prioritised features, but vision board helped them reduce chaos and clutter and saved lot of time on understanding the overall requirement - it also served as the basis for User Stories.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

**Will discuss the background of the practices being practiced by our team and the past project status wrt features being prioritized and built in our product. - 7-8 mins
**Will bring out the challenges faced in our project despite using project management tools and sharing the practices followed – how we were handling changes - 5 mins
**What does Vision board mean? How can it be implemented ? - 5 mins
**How did we use vision boards – what did we achieve? How can you implement it – why is it playing a key role and why should you definitely try it once. - 15 mins
**Quick highlights on the impacts of using creative visualization – quantified in some cases and just experienced in other cases. - 5 -7 mins

Learning Outcome

How to capture the vision?
What is really important? What qualifies to go into the vision board?
How do teams relate with the vision board. How do we to build it? And continue to refer to it.

Benefits of using Vision board in a volatile environment.

Target Audience

Developers, Project leads, Project Managers, UI- UX engineers, Business Ananlysts, Testers, Test Leads / Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

It will be ideal for the participant to have worked in teams where rapid changes are being made and product market fit is not yet achieved in their products or has been just achieved.
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  • Priya Patra
    By Priya Patra  ~  1 year ago
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    Hello Smita,

     I like the concept of the proposal.The Program Committee would require some more information from you to be able to review your proposal for all its aspects. It would be great if you could provide us with the link to Slides and Videos to your Previous Conferences/Presentations.

    In order to confirm completeness of the proposal, I'd suggest you to go through the following link to Overview of Review Process -



    • Smita Mishra
      By Smita Mishra  ~  1 year ago
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      Dear Priya,

      Apologies foe the delay in response - I never realized I had a comment here.

      This is a new talk I shall be giving, hence don't have any slides or recording for this. However, here is the link for the other topic done for Selenium Conf 2018 - as a session (45 mins talk+15 mins QnA)

      I have done this as a workshop for STPCon 2016/2017 and a talk at Lets Test SA 2017. However, they were not recorded. Have submitted this talk too.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for the opportunity to present myself.

      Warm Regards,


  • Archana Joshi
    By Archana Joshi  ~  1 year ago
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    Thank you Smita for the submission. Have you presented this talk before? Or any instances of your prior participation in industry forums?

    Also would you be able to provide some instances of the vision boards that you will be showcasing for the program committee to get an idea on what will be shown to audience.

    • Smita Mishra
      By Smita Mishra  ~  1 year ago
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      Dear Archana,

      Thanks for the review. No, this talk has not been presented before. 

      I have otherwise spoken at a few conferences like - Selenium Conf 2018, Lets Test 2017, Copenhagen Context 2017, QSA (Melbourne) 2017, STPCON Spring 2018.

      I can create one sample vision board and or sanitize and share one created for my project - please share your email id. Or do you want me to share it here.

      Warm Regards,