For so many years, testers have focused on functionality, ensuring the applications are working properly, stable, and reliable. However, in today’s world, with so many competing applications, products, and software packages, it is critical that testers also examine the UI/UX element of each deliverable. If your organization is not building UI/UX testing into your test planning, then you are increasing the risk that your product may be left behind by competitors. And if you have not experienced the art and craft of UI/UX test planning and execution, then this workshop will help you and your organization learn the proper methods to do so.

There are very few known techniques that can accurately and consistently shape a good User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX). While most of the companies are spending a lot of time and energy deciding the colors and bars on the screen, frankly beauty comes second. It’s also a known fact that users resist change. So how can you test for the acceptability of these changes in a way that’s beneficial to your company in terms of revenue, inbound marketing, and customer acquisition, without offending customers to the point that they make a massive exodus and go to your competitor?

The goal to success is making the customers happy and pleased with the product, while ensuring they do not feel foolish or confused. In this workshop, we will go through case studies of real world apps and stories of evolving UI and UX. We will observe how that impacts the User Experience for better or worse.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Learn UX - Usability - 10 mins
  • Why is Usability important? - 5 mins
  • Where does Usability fit in our work? 5 mins
  • Different methods and approaches to Usability test - 25 mins
  • How to perform Usability tests – applying the UX techniques - 25 mins

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of the relationship between UI and UX
  • An understanding of how to applying the 4 Steps Strategy for building a good UX.
  • Building and implementing UX testing strategy
  • UX testing techniques
  • And understanding of the importance of customer feedback, how to measure it early, and how to react before the customer leaves.
  • Real world examples with popular apps to understand the definition of a good user experience design and how users react to change.

Target Audience

Functional Testers,Test Leads / Test Managers ,UX designers ,UX Testers, Teams involved in Product development

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should know Testing and importance of User Testing.

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