Many organizations struggle to achieve the business outcomes intended from their digital transformation. Stuck between organizational bureaucracy and traditional ways of working organizations end up moving too slow and often losing track of the business goals of their transformation.

This is the story of how a major utility in Australia used Kanban, #NoEstimates and Continuous Discovery to deliver its digital transformation creating what the CEO of the organization labelled “A template for the change for the organization”. Shifting the teams’ mindset from focus on scope and timeline to a continuous search for value and from activity measures to business outcomes, creating a culture of experimentation, the organization managed to deliver and achieve business value orders of magnitude faster that it has ever before.

In this talk we explain the beginnings of the story and the drivers behind the approach. We then deep dive into the details of the implementation, team structure and ways of working. We discuss the key challenges met and ways to overcome them in addition to key lessons learned from an ongoing successful journey. We also discuss Agile contracting to support the model and provide practical advise for anyone interested to follow the same approach.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Introduction - The Cargo cult

Context - How the story began

Moving to the new ways of working

Brief on Kanban, #noestimates and continuous delivery

Team structure

The mechanics - How it actually works

Governance - Managing the Steering Committee

Contracting Approach


Key Success Factors

Open Discussion

Learning Outcome

Understanding of how to implement Kanban, #NoEstimates and Continuous Discovery

Business outcome driven development using an experimental approach

Target Audience

Developers, Agile coaches, leaders of agile projects and intiatives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Good understanding and experience with Agile

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