Dr. CultureShock - Or How I stopped worrying and Embraced Culture

As Corporations develop, sometimes the culture dilutes. Very few organizations can retain their founding values and principles. From a technology org standpoint, it's of utmost importance to embrace high level of integrity and culture values that all people can feel allegiant towards. This talk is aimed at understanding some cultural aspects and pointers to stop worrying and embracing a healthy org culture.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Culture Values

2. Anti patterns of culture

3. Some principles of high integrity culture

4. Activity!

Learning Outcome

Although there may be nothing new in this talk that leaders do not know, the Agile leaders can benefit by understanding the principles behind the culture manifestos.

Target Audience

Agile leaders, Tech Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind and curiosity.

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  • Shane Hastie
    By Shane Hastie  ~  7 months ago
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    Hi Siddharth

    This proposal is very light on detail which makes it very hard for us to review it.

    Please could you update it with more information about the important messages, the timing of the talk sections and how you will engage the audience through the talk.



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