Innovation NEVER starts with an idea

If innovations started with ideas, all of us will be innovators. But it turns out that very few are actually innovators since its not just about having an idea but it is also about implementing that idea.

Its a common myth for everyone to think that Innovation starts with an idea, but does it ???

This session will unfold the innovation process starting from mindset.

The session also has a secret formula for keeping your teams motivated forever.

This draws references from recent research done in all sorts of chemicals that are secreted in your brain like dopamine, cortisol etc. Along with that also connects back to Hindu Vedas and its teachings.

What is the connection of human happiness to motivation and innovation ?

This session will have answers to all these questions.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session is a myth breaking session about innovation.

1. Creativity and Innovation : 5 mins

2. Research about how innovation starts : 10 mins

3. How we can create "innovative" environment in Agile context : 8 -10 mins

4. My own examples when we innovated as a "team" : 5 mins

5. Roadmap to innovation : 5 mins

6. Example exercises to think differently : 4 mins

7. Marriage and divorce of Agility and Innovation

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

1. Understand the process of innovation

2. Learn about cultivating innovative culture

3. Some exercises that can be used to make the team think differently

Target Audience

Everyone with an open mind

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Deepti Tomar
    By Deepti Tomar  ~  7 months ago
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    Hello Sharmila,

    Thanks for your proposal. Was the proposal intended to be submitted for the "Design Innovation" theme and not "Agile Mindset"? 



    • Sharmila Patwardhan
      By Sharmila Patwardhan  ~  7 months ago
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      Hi Deepti, 

      Design thinking is used to get to conceptualizing products. But the real question is what triggers teams to think differently and innovate. Its a state of mind for any team to start thinking on solving their problem or running away from problems.  Every team has ideas but very few team innovate even though they might be facing similar challenges.... That's the puzzle of human mind. So do happy teams innovate or what keeps teams happy inspite of problems.

      Hope this helps. Happy to answer any question.