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Around sunset, a building architect was walking among workmen. Many were cutting stones. But one person caught his attention as he whistling and doing his job. It wasn't much time before he understood that he is breaking stones since morning. Out of curiosity, he went closer and asked him "what are you doing?". without blinking he said "Can't you see that I am cutting stones that is will build a great citadel. It isn't difficult to see that if we can help our team members to see the larger goals, mindset can be influenced.

Story telling is powerful. Why? It works holistically on the brain. Across age groups, people respond to stories. For a well told story, recipients empathetically respond. From a developer to a leader, stories help them communicate effectively. When one carefully see, all stories follow the same pattern "Selection, Connection & Relation" This talk will demystify the art of storytelling, its impact on mind of hearers and how could one can construct and practice story telling for driving change


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be a series of stories.

Initially will introduce participants to the three aspects on how to construct a story – Selection, Connection and Relation. This will take the prime portion.

Towards the end participants will learn how normal events around us from sports, daily life and work life can be converted to stories.

It will close with how it influences our human mind so that benefits are stressed

Learning Outcome

Method of constructing stories

How to convert simple events to stories

How stories influence human mind

Target Audience

Change Agents, CXOs, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Interest in influencing people

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