Personal Agility - A framework beyond frameworks

In today's busy world, you have more things to do, than time to get them done. Deciding upon the priorities is a big question. 'What is important to you, and what is urgent?'

To be able to reflect upon what is important and discard the things that are of least value to you is an important aspect of being happy and efficient, be it at work or in your personal life. The talk, ‘Personal Agility- A Framework Beyond Frameworks’ will provide you an insight to ensure that you do the right thing at the time. It will help you to focus and rethink on the values to be adapted in everyday life.

The talk will guide you through the ways to cultivate personal agility from my own experience, where I discovered my own personal agility when I got lost in a jungle in South Australia, few years back. What would you have done then, when you knew that you could not have failed in such an appalling situation?

I would be mapping these experiences and stories into an Agile Model, with a tint of Tuckman's stages of group development.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk shall cover the following aspects:

1. What is Personal Agility., and what could it mean to you?

2. How Personal Agility drives productivity, quality delivery and time management for being successful

3. My story- the trigger point- how I discovered Personal Agility while getting lost in the jungle of South Australia.

4. What did losing mean to me (death??)

5. Linking Personal Agility to Tuckman's stages of team performance for achieving the goal (ie. getting out of the jungle).

6. Importance of priority mapping and lesson learnt during the trip

7. Drawing the Personal Agility Canvas for work/ life balance

8. Visualization and priority mapping

9. What could you do as an individual and as an organization to improve Personal Agility

10. Ways to cultivate Personal Agility

11. The 6 important questions for achieving Personal Agility

12. Choose what is important and what needs to be done, and finally, celebrate success.

Learning Outcome

1. The importance of Personal Agility and how it helps you to prioritize your goals and achieve success.

2. 6 important questions for choosing what is important and what needs attention in near future.

3. Ways of cultivating Personal Agility

4. Importance of visualizing workload and priorities

5. Technique for priority mapping

6. How Personal Agility drives productivity, quality delivery and time management for being successful at work and your personal life.

Target Audience

Agile Project Managers, Agile Scouts, Agilist, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees


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