How to change organizations and stay sane.

Challengers are a special kind of people in an organization who are on a constant journey of improving and changing themselves, others and the organization. Change agents are an alternative name for such kind of people.

Often they get a hard time. Sometimes they feel very lonely.

In my talk, I explain why it happens and how to address it and avoid burning out.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Intro

- Who is a challenger

- Challenger's frustrations and their reasons

- Normalization of being a challenger

- Challenger's galaxy and some guidance through it.

Learning Outcome

Understanding of why it's sometimes so hard to be a change agent and how to prevent burning out

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, change agents

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Shane Hastie
    By Shane Hastie  ~  8 months ago
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    Hi Yury

    Please could you provide some more details on the structure and flow of the session with timings and key topics covered.  Please also show how you will engage the participants with the content - we are looking for sessions that are not just lecture but engaging for the audience.

    Many thanks 



    • Yury Lytvynenko
      By Yury Lytvynenko  ~  7 months ago
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      Hi Shane,

      Sorry for the late reply, here’s the outline of the session with approximate timings and my comments on details and engagement. Hope this helps. 

      • Shortly about the talk and me (2m)
      • Challenger definition (7m) - who they are, how they behave in the organizations, and why they are important for the organization. Asking the audience - who can relate, please share a really short story
      • Frustrations of a challenger (2m) - things that frustrate a challenger in the organization, those that can lead to him or her to leave the org. I start with a question to the audience and then elaborate on my personal list.
      • Reasons for those frustrations (8m)  - here I cover typical reasons for those irritations based on my experience, with stories. Again, starting with a question to listeners
      • Immunity to change (3m) - I stop in more detail on this particular reason as I find it very important
      • Don’t panic part (5m) - here I speak shortly it’s ok to be a challenger, and there’s hope )
      • Challenger’s guide (10m) - I present my model of “Cha Galaxy” for dealing and improving a challenger’s state. Here I give some space for people to reflect on where they find themselves in that galaxy.
        Then I suggest a canvas for (self)coaching that can be used to help a particular challenger to get out of frustration back to productivity.
      • Q&A (7m)


    • Yury Lytvynenko
      By Yury Lytvynenko  ~  8 months ago
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      Hi Shane, so much going on atm...

      I'll get back to you with details till the end of the week.