Are you afraid of trying new things because you don't want to risk failure? Do you create an environment where your peers, direct reports or children are afraid of failure? If you answered yes to any of those, you're brave!

Come join me in exploring ways to become stronger at experimenting and learning and creating environments where others can too!

We all know that Agile will fail without a Learning mindset. But, what does it mean to have a learning or growth mindset? I will explore some learnings by Carol Dweck and David Colcleugh and some of my own personal experiences around how the growth mindset has impacted my life and the lives of people around me.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

A 20 min talk on the ideas mentioned in the abstract with 20 minutes for an activity and guided discussion.

Guided Discussion details:

1. Members of the audience will be asked to form in small groups

2. They will then explore and experience the growth mindset through an activity

3. Debrief

Learning Outcome

1. An understanding of the growth versus fixed mindset

2. Tangible actions that one can take to step towards creating a learning organization

Target Audience

Leaders, Developers, Managers, Scrum Masters, Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

All you need is a flexible perspective!

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  • Shane Hastie
    By Shane Hastie  ~  11 months ago
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    Hi Rehana

    Thanks for submitting this proposal.

    Please can you explain your tagging this as an "advanced" topic - the concepts of fixed and growth mindset are pretty well entrenched in the agile community now and I do struggle to see this as advancing the state of knowledge. 

    Please could you also point us to a video of you presenting, or record a brief overview of the talk and link to it in the submission.

    Many thanks


    • Rehana Rajwani
      By Rehana Rajwani  ~  11 months ago
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      Hi Shane,

      Thank you for your comment. I believe the mindset piece is still quite an underrated and under-explored topic in the agile community and beyond. I believe New Zealand is further ahead in their agile adoption compared to other parts of the world (as expressed by a friend of mine who moved from there to Canada).  Many people that I interview for the role of a Scrum Master have never heard about the growth and fixed mindset. Sometimes they may intuitively know it but cannot explain it logically and back it using the work done by Carol Dweck. The focus of my presentation is two-fold. 
      1. To remind the audience about our brain's elasticity
      2. To encourage leaders to build a learning culture - which mind you is very very difficult to achieve. 
      Here is an older talk of mine that covers the first goal in a bit more depth.

      Here is another talk of mine from the Toronto Agile Conference 2018. Unfortunately I don't have the video but I have provided the slides to give you a glimpse of some other progressive ideas to build a learning and trusting organizational culture:

      I hope this helps address your questions. 

      • Shane Hastie
        By Shane Hastie  ~  11 months ago
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        • Rehana Rajwani
          By Rehana Rajwani  ~  11 months ago
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          You are very welcome :)