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The move away from traditional ways of working and thinking to digitization leads to change in the way we work, learn and measure. It is important to understand how the digital economy has shifted our ways of working in a digital organization from strategy to execution.

Join us in game play where we will explore Digital Product Management and the Critical Success Factors, Events and Skills needed to create value flow to customers. We will look at the skills needed for a company to move from being descriptive to one that can respond to emergent needs. Applying this knowledge will help organisations transform their operating model have a competitive edge in a VUCA economy. Plan to Win!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Using our Plan to Win!© game, we take players through the five levels of Agile planning.

During the play people:

  • are rewarded for developing skills needed at each level
  • are rewarded for behaviors that help the organization succeed
  • pay for behaviors that hurt growth
  • Invest in Critical Success Factors
  • Invest in Events (needed to be successful at each level)

Three Options:

1. Option 1 - We do a lighting talk to give an overview of the 5 Levels of Agile Planning game and then invite people to continuously play through out the day.

2. Option 2 - Quick overview on how to play and how to use the game in the workplace followed by 35 minutes of play.

3. Option 3 - Have a session of play with several teams and then set up in hall way for additional play/learning! (I like option 3)

Learning Outcome

Participants will have a new understanding for the following:

  • Investments needed at each level of Agile Planning
  • Events needed to support each level of Agile Planning
  • Critical Success Factors and Skills needed at each level of Agile Planning
  • The importance of each level and the Value Stream from Concept to Cash

Here is a link to the learning in the game. We will not cover all this material line by line, this will be available to participants online: https://powersds-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/p/tchristian/EXeozqV2NGRPtuWT02aD_cEBb-WBabPym6VP92xenAHTpQ?e=vkH9qu

Game play is meant to introduce the investments and skills needed at each level of planning, they will not gain an indepth understanding but more of an introduction. The game is available for down load through out knowledge base and the supporting material helps people deep dive into areas of interest.

Target Audience

People interested in Product Management from Strategy to Execution and the investments needed to create a sustainable value stream.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Desire to learn
  • Fundamentals in Business Agility
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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  10 months ago
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    I like the interactivity and learning through play. Based on your proposed options, can you envision a brief intro and single game session within a 45m timeframe and then setting up informally at the venue for add'l sessions or is 45m too short? I only ask as you suggested one option for quick intro and 35m of play.

    • Teri Christian
      By Teri Christian  ~  10 months ago
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      Absolutely, this game is super flexible and we have done many expos and conferences now. The best approach is 45 minutes with opportunities for continued play and discussion in a hallway or where ever works. 

      We do not use any power point, we have posters and do a quick 5 minute overview and then we play for about 30 minutes and then we do a network style debrief. Really getting positive feedback.  




      • Teri Christian
        By Teri Christian  ~  9 months ago
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        One thing I forgot to add. We need to play after lunch. A couple of reasons - mainly we need time to set up. Secondly it is a good energy boost after lunch time. 

        I have some videos on youtube of our last conference if you want to have a look. I can make them available. 

        Here are a couple we haven't released them publically yet as we need to do some work on them



        Hope this helps!


  • Shiv Sivaguru
    By Shiv Sivaguru  ~  10 months ago
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    I like the gamification of planning and the aspects of both rewards and penalties

    What is not clear is how risks and any other organizational constraints [such as timelines or budgets] could be incorporated in this game

    Will the plan created be only of mainly happy paths?

    • Teri Christian
      By Teri Christian  ~  10 months ago
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      Thanks for your comments and questions. This game is to help organizations understand the 5 Levels of Agile Planning and understand the investments and skills that need to be invested in at every level. We use the game to generate the conversations as you pointed out in your comment. It is gamified, but there is a lot of background material we make available and, as always, it is about generating the right conversations and visibility. 

      We are trialing another game that addresses budgets and senior level investments as well. But it may not be available in time for the conference.



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    The fact that many roadmaps leave little room for flexibility significantly contributes to this and building powerful roadmaps is a really hard task. How does one get feedback about a house without building it completely? How does one give feedback about a car without being able to drive it around the city for a couple of hours?

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    If you're adopting an Agile approach, your organization may be struggling with bloated backlogs that aren't well understood, stressful planning meetings that last too long and fail to get at details needed to deliver predictably, a nagging feeling that you're building the wrong thing, a lack of time to work with customers and users, chronically late delivery, and frustrated business stakeholders...There's hope!

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