This talk will focus on understanding the DevOps movement from the perspective of the database professional. We will discuss the Values, Principles, Methods, Practices, and Tools applied and provide an example of how these will affect the database teams. This talk will discuss techniques such as version control of the database, continuously integrating database changes, deploying databases changes in an automated way, automated database sandbox creation, automated database comparison, using tools such as dbdeploy, dbmaintain, liquibase, flyway, and many others. Practices for setting up development work areas and how to include the dba as a ops role into the dev team

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is DevOps

-The conflicting requirements

What does DevOps mean for the data team


1. Collaboration

2. Version Control

3. Generate/Hand written

4. Developer setup

5. QA Setup

6. Managing Test Data

7. Managing Database Changes

8. Blue-Green for databases

- The Expand Contract Model

9. CI for databases

10. Separating logical from physical

11. Automating Deployments

Learning Outcome

The participants will learn how to make the database an integral part of the development process and apply the same rigor to the database practices as it does to the development and infrastructure practices.

Target Audience

Developers, DBA's, Ops, Architects etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some understanding of what databases are, how they are used in projects. What is agile and why incremental design/development works.

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