Toxic behaviours in a Team cause damage to the Team. Affecting their performance, causing high levels of stress and demotivation. Conflict Navigation is one of the biggest challenges within the Teams. Can you help them to overcome this challenge? Are there any antidotes?

When a Team member shows a toxic behaviour, how the Team reacts to it? Can we educate the team and help them as a System to overcome these challenges? As a Scrum Master or a Coach, our main mission is to help out teams to be their better selves. By the end of this workshop, you should be able to help your team to be better prepared to deal with conflict.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session will be interactive,

This session can also be only 45 min if excluded the highlighted parts

10min - Education about toxic behaviour

30min - The Team Toxins Grid - a Coaching Exercise from ORSC - Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching

30min - Active Listening exercises

15min - Wrap up and Q&A

I’m an ORSC (Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching) Practitioner and would love to run the workshop.


The Team Toxins Grid - Is a coaching technique to help the people better overcome the challenges with behaviours that cause demotivation, frustration, etc.

The exercise is also about understanding the behaviours we face at work may not be a personal attack or triggered by the individual.

In fact, they can help to break the cycle and contribute to better ways of working. The attendees will come out of the exercise with some conflict management techniques.

Learning Outcome

Learning objectives: During this session, the attendees should be able to identify toxic behaviours and learn about the antidotes and How can they help the Team to better navigate conflict.

Also, will be able to come out of the session with some basic coaching skills and awareness for Non Violent communication and how it can help to create a better work environment.

Target Audience

Preferential - Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites are needed

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