Agile Days is the largest Russian conference on modern software development and management methods. 2 days, 1,500 people, 10 thematic tracks, over 100 sessions and workshops. What process do we use to organize Agile Days? Is it really agile? And how can we use agile approaches in such big bang project like a conference? How do we discover what content is valueable or not and get feedback from clients long before the conference? How do we organize the work of a flat team of 20 people? And what tools do we use to synchronize the work of a distributed team? We will also discuss how agile coexists with waterfall in such complicated project like organization of a conference.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Agile Days
  2. How to manage a conference? Is it a project or a product?
  3. Value experiments.
  4. How do we form a conference program and manage work of the program team?
  5. How do we plan and manage organizational work?

Learning Outcome

How to use agile approaches in non-IT projects like conferences.

How to

Target Audience


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  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  5 months ago
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    Thanks for submitting the proposal on how to run Agile Conference and Days, the topic looks good. It would be helpful if you can let us know how the Topic is aligned with Conference Theme? 

    Please can you also upload the slides in English language.

    Thanks and Regards


    • Alexey  Voronin
      By Alexey Voronin  ~  5 months ago
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      I've uploaded translated version of the presentation.

    • Alexey  Voronin
      By Alexey Voronin  ~  5 months ago
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      This talk is about how we work on Agile Days - the largest Russian Agile conference. The main question here is  "Annual conference - what is it?"   "Is it a product or a project?". How to work on delivering and developing a conference depends on the answer. Do we need to use agile (product) or to use waterfall approach? I will tell a story how to mix agile and classic project management approach to develop and organize an annual conference.