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We overload our terms a lot in this industry. "Coupling" is one such. That word covers situations ranging from essential to accidental to comical to cosmic. Coupling seems to be the root of all ills. It is the molasses that slows our every move. And yet, in the industry from which we borrowed the term, "coupling" was not a dirty word. It meant something ingenious. Let us contemplate coupling for a time and see what we can do about it.


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Developers, Technical leads and Architects,programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners,programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners

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    Vilas Veeraraghavan - Measuring the cost and tracking the effectiveness of a high-impact Chaos Engineering program

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    The practice of Chaos Engineering has established the importance of running resiliency experiments in cloud-native application ecosystems. As the field of Chaos/Resilience Engineering has matured and attained widespread adoption, a need has emerged for engineering organizations to quantify the costs of running such a program. Additionally, sustained investment in any long-running program will require metrics (KPIs) to show effectiveness to Executive Leadership.

    In this talk, we will discuss the setup, running and maintenance stages of a high performing Chaos/Resilience engineering program irrespective of the size of the organization. We will analyze the key metrics that should be tracked along with the optimum cadence of chaos exercises. Also, with the rapid advancement of CI/CD tools and cloud deployment technologies, we look at enhancing the impact of chaos engineering by deep integration into the continuous deployment pipeline.

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    Michael Nygard - Grinding the Monolith

    45 Mins

    Microservices sound appealing, but what can we do with those ten-million-line code bases? Shared domain objects, horizontal coupling, and years of boundary erosion have left us with enormous complexity and spiderwebs of coupling. Michael will share techniques at various levels of abstraction, from implementation details to API design and responsibility allocation. There’s no silver bullet that will make it easy to decompose a monolith, but you’ll learn some techniques that have helped and some pitfalls to avoid, all based on Michael's experience with both successful and failed transformations.