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Aren’t we fascinated looking at a gymnast performing a routine? A trapeze artist swinging from one side to the other? An acrobat doing his/her amazing balancing act? But, we know little of the mechanics behind such feats of balance. All this is controlled by the ear and the brain. The semicircular canals of the ear act as a gyroscope and accelerometer to control angular acceleration and to help you decide which plane the head is moving. Unfortunately, millions suffer from various balance disorders.

NeuroEquilibrium™ is a pioneer in the field of vertigo and balance disorders aiming to provide advanced and economical medical assistance to people suffering from these conditions. We are making groundbreaking innovations in this field by developing indigenous vertigo diagnostic systems which operate on cutting-edge technology like 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, VR, AI, etc.

In this talk, we'll share our experience building NeuroEquilibrium.


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