Continuous delivery in enterprise - devOps and other challenges

Enterprise customers are very different than the cool startups and small companies.

Sometimes the whole problem statement which build the basis of implementation in one organisation is discarded completely in the other company.

So in this talk we will take up top 5 challenges which we faced in our projects while implementing continuos delivery.

1. We wil talk about devOps landscape.

2. Open Source tools vs Propertery ones.

3. The trust in automation - how did we manage to gain trust of traditional management in automated delivery.

4. The tale of Product Owners - how did we manage to assign the role of product owner in a traditional project management company.

5. And of course, the mindset

All these real project scnerios and how did we solved them will be addressed in this experience report.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

In the 20 mins we will try to cover the following :

1) Top 5 problems faced while implementing continuous delivery in enterprise.

2) How we solved these problems.

3) What does devOps mean in enterprise.

That would cover the time.


Learning Outcome

In this talk I will share my expereince while implementing continuous delivery and the impediments faced while doing it. Start from mindset to behaviour aspects to technialities. 

We will see some typical scenerios and use cases, I will also showcase the Team dynamics, Methodoligies and Technical solution of my current project.

We will also try to bust some myths about the term "devOps"

Target Audience

Developers, Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Owners,

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      Prasad - Enterprise Agility a myth

      schedule 5 years ago
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      45 Mins

      A typical CIO of a large IT enterprise handle 4000 Applications of all types like Custom applications, Packaged Application, Legacy products etc..  Most of these applications are build using huge and heterogeneous partner ecosystem.  Most of these applications are to bring efficiency and effectiveness to internal employees in Marketing, Supply chain, Finance and HR.  As natural market dynamics all these business users are in driving a transformation in their business model. This in-turn is creating a big ask for a CIO to be relevant and be responsive.

      It is very interesting to note 1/3 of IT budget is not coming to CIO, it is directly going to business... How Agility can help CIOs bring back the confidence of business and be in lime light? Is Agility at Enterprise is possible? How far it is possible? How the typical journey looks like?

      This session is going bring point of views of various Enterprise IT transformation assignment which I am part of

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      Ravinder Singh - Converting a requirement into executable tests – BDT

      Ravinder Singh
      Ravinder Singh
      Sr. Consultant
      schedule 5 years ago
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      45 Mins
      Experience Report

      This session will brief about the gaps that generally exist between managment and technical team memebrs. Here we will focus on how we can use Behavior driven development to fill this gap and can involve non-technical persons also in the development phase.

      This will brief about how all the stakeholders in the development process (whether technical or non-technical) can be brought on the same page by using Behavior Driven Development.