Scaling Agile at Organization level : Lean and Agile Love story


Typical Agile journey of big organizations starts with experimenting with Agile with some initial agile readiness assessment and piloting with one or very small number and simple projects. And based on pilot project experience slowly taking it to other larger projects or across organization over a period of time. This initial pilot projects are typically small enough and get more than enough and ideal support as part of experimentation. E.g. dedicated team, different environment availability etc. But when organization starts scaling Agile all issues related to organization structure, portfolio management, Infrastructure availability etc. become major impediments since all these other areas or processes or not aligned to Agile way of thinking. Due to this many organizations limit their scope of agile adoption to simple projects with not much dependencies. In such cases organization really miss the benefit of true agile adoption by taking it to strategic level.


One way of avoiding this problem is assessing the not just the software projects delivery for agile readiness but also look at all supporting processes/departments like Infrastructure, release management, Portfolio management, vendor management etc. during initial assessment for their agile readiness. We have used unique approach of combining Agile & Lean together for assessing entire Software Development lifecycle. Agile readiness was used for project execution lifecycle and Lean assessment for all supporting processes including portfolio management. This combined assessment clearly helped identifying not just the project specific risks for agile adoption at project level but more significantly also all other potential risks for scaling Agile. This combined approach then helped to define clear actionable items at project level and also at the organization level and provide roadmap which can help organization to implement agile at strategic level.


In this presentation we will discuss this combined approach and how we can help organization to scaling agile right from beginning and significantly increasing chances of organization wide Agile adoption in short time.

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Outline/structure of the Session


- Challenges for scaling agile
- Discuss the approach of combined Lean and Agile assessment of IT organization
- Case study observation and benefits observed with combined approach


Learning Outcome


Typical challenges scaling agile
How we can identify the major impediments for scaling agile from the beginning of Agile transformation journey
How to prepare organization for scaling agile faster


Target Audience

Organization interested in Organization wide Agie Transformation

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