Role of Enterprise Architecture in DevOps implementations

In DevOps methodology, everyone in the software delivery value chain has responsibility to make sure the finished software product is useful for the next phase. There is a huge change in the way Enterprise architecture teams supports the Devops way of software delivery. The Architecture teams are responsible to innovate in the following key disciplines:

•       Development Management Governance
•       System Development Lifecycle policies and processes
•       System Development lifecycle platform/tools

The architecture teams need to bring development, testing and Operations teams under single governance process. Further, the software development policies and processes need to adapt to Agile methodologies and ensure sufficient controls while software is delivered at a very fast pace. There is an immediate need for Architects to evaluate various tools and technologies 
that help automate the IT development value chain. Some of the typical tools here help in Continuous Build, Testing and Deployment. These tools are critical for risk management and ensuring audit trails are available through structured workflows for the entire development phases. This presentation will discuss the innovation practices that Architecture teams can deliver to maximize returns from the new way of continuous software delivery. 
Organizations using continuous delivery practices are able to reduce defects during development upto 50% raising application quality significantly.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. DevOps - A Game Changer

2. Continuous Software Delivery Capability Framework

3. Role of Enterprise Architecture in implementing DevOps

4. Challenges & implementation best practices

5. Our Experiences & Future trends

Learning Outcome

•       How Enterprise Architects can support IT organizations towards successful DevOps implementations
•       Changing roles and responsibilities of Architects in continuous software delivery
•       Typical challenges in adopting Architecture Governance for DevOps

Target Audience

CTOs, Senior Development Managers, Solution Architects, Infrastructure Management Leaders

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