The core idea of lean is to eliminate/reduce non-value-added activities (termed "wastes") and thus increase customer value. The Agile itself is a lean for the software development life cycle, and I am sharing a couple of Agile best practices adopted by my teams to make the Scrum methodology more extra lean.

My team following Agile methodology from years now (specifically SAFe framework), that serves the needs at the enterprise level, producing frequent IRs (interim releases). (An IR consists of four sprints. Each sprint has two weeks in the sprint cycle.) At the end of an IR, the product is ready to be shipped based on business decisions. On adopting some of the best Agile practices, our software development process became more lean, to the point that it increased the process efficiency by increasing the productivity gain.

There was no change in the Agile framework that my team followed before adopting these agile practices. They are simple to adopt which results in high value when practiced religiously. My session is based on these agile practices. How to practice them, what are the value these practices are bringing on table and finally how lean our agile framework.



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

The outline of my session would be:

  • I will talk about Lean and Lean principles
  • What is value in the for the customers?
  • Agile practices one by one
  • After completing one Agile practice, how it is bringing the value in terms of Lean
  • My current organizations' VSM to indicate the difference in the SDLC process before and after adopting these agile practices
  • Q & As



Learning Outcome

The learning out come of this session would be:


  • How, the well known agile practices are practiced so that they are contributing to the software process other than scrum teams
  • What is the value these practicing are bringing on the table called Lean
  • How the SDLC process looks like after adopting these agile practices

On understanding these elements, the participants can start practicing these agile practices in their scrum teams and get the benefit of having extra Lean in their SDLC process

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Scrum team members

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