What Does It Take To Transform An Enterprise Into Lean Agile Organization?

Even after so many years of 'Agile' existence, big enterprises are still skeptical and unclear about how Agile can really help them. Part of it is lack of solid examples in front of them on bigger scale; part of it is due to the fact that Agile is perceived to be a 'small' company process or 'some engineering process'; and part of it is quarterly performance pressure that impacts all in a traditional set up. Big companies reluctantly start 'implementing' Agile, which normally starts and stops with employee trainings. Leaders generally stay away as they think Agile is just a mini-waterfall and something for engineers to figure out. Product Management doesn't think it's something they have to worry about. Worse, some leaders just wait for it to fade away so that they can get back to their usual ways of doing things. When you hear them say - Agile doesn't work here. It's not the arrogance. It's simply the igorance.

Transformation into a lean, agile organization is a holistic approach. Leaders not only must fully support it, but they also must know what does it take to be there. If your experience of being agile is limited to agile trainings, iterations, scrums (or shall we say status meeting?), retrospectives - but business still remains as usual. You need help before your competitors kill your completely. It happens at small/medium size companies too. We have picked up big enterprise due to the complexities involved for better insight into the future and learning.

 What does it take at higher level?

  1. Getting a buy-in from top leadership
  2. Aligning business to execution
  3. Building high performing teams
  4. Optimize concept to cash flow, eliminating waste - everyone from leaders, to teams, to customers is involved
  5. Implementing agile at enterprise level - scaled agile

We, at Agile Plunge, have had the opportunity to transform one of the world's leading, big product company into a lean, agile transformation. It wasn't an easy journey and things didn't just happen overnight - but it is certainly rewarding; hugely rewarding. We would like to share the transformation story and learnings so that you can zoom ahead without falling into same pitfalls that we discovered on the way.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Case Study
  • Blueprint of successful transformation
  • Takeaways

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of what it takes to transform a big product company into lean agile organization
  • Aligning business to execution
  • Techniques to go lean
  • Optimize concept to cash flow, eliminating waste - everyone from leaders, to teams, to customers is involved to ensure you build the right product, faster, better
  • Techniques to build high performing teams
  • Techniques to implement scale agile
  • Techniques to stay lean and agile forever

Target Audience

Leadership, Managers

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