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    Product Ownership is a Team Sport

    Shane Hastie
    Shane Hastie
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    90 mins

    A number of agile brands downplay the need for business analysis and requirements management on agile projects, putting large store in the role of the Product Owner.

    This workshop tackles some of the problems this misconception can result in and shows how effective product ownership almost always requires a team with a variety of skills and backgrounds to be effective.

    Product Ownership requires clarity of vision, alignment with organisational strategy, understanding of the development process and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders across all levels both inside and outside the organization. The complexity of the role is most often more than a single person can (or should) cope with – effective product ownership requires a teamwork approach covering a variety of skills and knowledge.

    Product ownership encompasses areas covering:

    • Product Management
    • Marketing
    • Business Advocacy
    • Customer Advocacy
    • End User Advocacy
    • Domain Subject Matter Knowledge
    • Analysis
    • User Experience and Graphic Design
    • Innovation
    • Communications
    • Decision Making
    • Legal and Compliance