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    Skype goes agile: don't repeat our mistakes

    Alexey Ilyichev
    Alexey Ilyichev
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    Case Study

    In 2011, I worked for Qik, a startup that got aqcuired by Skype. At that time Skype was in the middle of an agile transition. Аfter aquisition, Qik team was told to adopt the Agile process used by Skype. I worked with the team as an agile coach. After adopting Skype's "agile" process, our ability to deliver was brought down to almost zero. In this talk, I'll tell you the story as it happened, analyze the key problems that we faced and describe how we finally solved them. Come to this talk, if you want to avoid similar mistakes. If you are already through with your transition, I would be interested to know if you see any patterns.