The outcome of valuable software changes user behavior. It makes a task easier, and their lives better. What can we do to understand what will make our users’ world a little bit better? In this session we will explore an experience people have today; how they use their mobile phone. We will look at what the joys and pains of that experience are, and ideate solutions to make that experience better. We will form teams, discuss and map the experience. We’ll “tune up” our experience maps, and ideate through possible solutions to improve that experience and end with a gallery of ideas to review. This session will be highly interactive, with the participants working in teams.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Interviews: How do you use your smart phone?

Map out the experience

Sketch solutions with a design studio

Share out results in a "science fair" format

Learning Outcome

Compare and contrast useful interview techniques

Visualize user journeys with a map

Effectively collaborate

Participate in a design studio

Explain ideas to others

Target Audience

Developers, Designers, Product Managers

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