Great teams make great products, but what fuels this greatness? It's the common understanding and passion for the product but more importantly the singularity of purpose and the feedback loop and how the users are responding to the teams work. 

The new world of product development is no longer about scope management and delivering the project on time and within budget but it's now more about hypothesis validation and learning from the users and their behaviors.

The dynamics of product development is changing.  As more and more organizations are moving towards maturing their agile software development approach the traditional barriers of roles are being broken creating new opportunities and fostering a shift in the mindset. Instead of being tied down to scope management and delivering the project on time, Agile teams are focused and inspired by hypothesis validation and learning from the users and their behaviors.

In this case study we will go over how a portfolio of 12 SCRUM Teams adopted a more outcome approach and how they shifted their mindset from project delivery in Agile way to adopting the Experiment-Measure-Learn-Repeat loop which plays a crucial role in teams overall motivation, performance and moved from being SCRUM Teams to "Product Teams".

We will also see how we experimented with different team formats and how exposing the team members to different events and user research changed the way they perceived the information of the problem they were solving via features and user stories.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction 
  • Share interesting facts & stats about teams understanding of Product & Purpose 
  • Experiment We ran to know teams understanding of Overall Product Development process & knowledge outside the boundaries for SCRUM Framework 
  • How we exposed the team to the Before & After elements of SCRUM Framework and the effect it had on their motivation 
  • Show how we got the teams involved with the PO in observing the users and solving the product problems together and how their focus shifted from Output to Outcome!
  • How we changed the dynamics of the team and reshaped them from SCRUM team to a Product Team 
  • How we made the team participate in all parts of BUILD-MEASURE-LEARN loop
  • Questions & Answers

Learning Outcome

  • Team Members will learn why its important to be part of talking to customers and observing users to build a better product
  • Product Owners will learn how involving engineers early on while talking to users helps bring out creativity, better solutions and motivate the team members
  • Product Owners & Scrum Masters will also learn to involve team members in right events during vision creation, hypothesis generation and user validations to bring more diverse set of ideas to table and in your backlog to experiment.
  • Agile Coach & Scrum Masters will learn how to guide & coach your teams beyond "Build" part and also in to "Measure" & "Learn" part of the Build-Measure-Learn loop.
  • Leaders & Executives will learn how in an agile organization and for Agile teams its less about managing and more about mentoring, learn how you can guide the team through "Pivot or Persevere" decisions.

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Product Owner, SCRUM Team Members, Executives, Leaders, Managers

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