How to make a toast? Systemic workshop on collaboration

How to make a toast is a workshop developed by Tom Wujec. 


In this workshop, the goal is to use systemic thinking in understanding perspectives within the group and to solve complex problems through collaborative drawing. 

It is useful any of the situations:

- A complex problem that can have multiple opinions and paths with no set solutions. Usually, strategic decision making. 

- Where team collaboration is lacking due to dominating members and/or lack of participation or voice of all players

- Different cultures in communication where team members may not be confident or feel safe or want to speak up

We will be using exercises to solve complex issues decided by the participants. 


This workshop will be conducted by myself and Miho Nagase. We will cross cultural and language barriers to show how this exercise can work. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction - 5mins

Exercise 1 - How to make a toast - 10mins

Reflection - 5mins

Exercise 2 - Selection of topics - 10mins

Workshop - 20mins

Team sharing - 10mins

Collaboration - 20mins

Retrospective & Case studies - 15mins

Learning Outcome

Facilitation using this technique

Perspective sharing and understanding

Application in different settings

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to use facilitation to encourage collaboration.

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  • Rohit Arora
    By Rohit Arora  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Jas,

    Thanks for your interesting proposal. 

    Was this conducted in any previous conferences / meetups ? Would it be possible for you to share any previous videos (even 2-5 min video will do) so that we can get a glimpse of how it was executed prior to it ? 

    Else you can also share some of your past presentation, videos, links, etc for favourable consideration?




    • Jas Chong
      By Jas Chong  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      I've done this exercise in France and in Vietnam. The results differ. In France, it was in French and I don't have slides. I'll try to find the photos so I can upload them. 

      In Vietnam, the exercise was a little too experimental for them. I think they were not expecting to really do something, they were expecting to sit through presentations in the conference. 

      The complex issue we were tackling was "how to have happiness at work."