Flatten your organisation and raise your people

Flattening the organisation is a key discussion in creating an agile organisation with shorter decision making cycles and quicker time to market impact. The key question is how to do it practically and what is the level of "flatness" to achieve. 

The session will focus on the different ways to flatten the organisation and the impact to people using actual case studies in projects I've intervened in. The topics to provoke thinking that will be covered:

- different options and career paths for individuals in an agile organisation 

- different ways to flatten an organisation iteratively 

- the benefits to organisation and to individuals


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Outline/structure of the Session

The session can be in a format of a lightning talk of 20mins or a participative talk. 

- lightning talk option - 20mins, show case options and examples for inspiration and thinking

- participative talk option - 45mins, systemic conversations. For every interval, a participant can ask a question and have a conversation with me on a challenge and I'll respond. Min 2mins - Max 15mins. Audience can participate and continue the topic until the max 15min time box. 

Learning Outcome

- different ways to flatten an organisation (formal and informal structure)

- different career paths (expertise, collaborative, hierarchical)

Target Audience

HR, team

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