2. Adapting and Scaling Agile Requirements Practices to ongoing enterprise improvement efforts

Using Disciplined Agile Delivery approaches for requirements discovery & management of green-field projects is fairly straight-forward. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that most IT projects aren’t green-field. Most time and effort is spent maintaining existing systems that are operating in the context of an always-on enterprise. Such maintenance projects can be quite complex, due to the need to honor existing system interdependencies and to avoid system downtime. Moreover, IT shops are now frequently asked to substantially modify existing assets to deliver new capabilities that address an array of requirements, such as those driven by competition, government regulations, customer needs, or internal pressures. And "these requirements need to be addressed today!!

Success in this higher-pressure world requires, among other things, more seamless collaboration between IT Development and Operations departments. Here's where agile practices can help. My definition of "Operations" includes infrastructure, ongoing support, maintenance, and improvement of a product. The session will focus on Agile requirements practices and provide some insight on how they can be leveraged to help improve IT’s ability to excel in this current, more challenging and changing world and how can be scaled to cater for future maintenance, and operations on an existing products. I discuss agile requirements practices that can help improve IT's ability to excel in this current, more challenging and changing world. I also explain how to leverage the role of the business analyst (BA) so to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops.


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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will cover:

    • An overview of Agile and Disciplined Agile Delivery Requirements Practices
    • The sources of change by sharing a sample set of change cases
    • The challenges when a system is modified to address new capabilities
    • Understand what does it entail to move into a DevOps solution? Why? What’s in it for a BA?
    • A DevOps view of the Agile Requirements and how to select appropriate scalability models for the Agile Requirements Practices
    • Conclusion and lessons learned from an experience report

Learning Outcome

Participants learn to:

    • Understand the challenges when opportunities arise for changing an existing system
    • Understand what does it entail to move into a DevOps solution?
    • How A Disciplined Agile Delivery approach DAD is a better fit as a foundation for DevOps.
    • What to select as appropriate  scalability models for the Agile Requirements Practices and Why?
    • How to proactively plan the BA journey to DevOps and understand the additional responsibilities

Target Audience

Agile Business analysts, Agile coaches, Product Owners, Project managers, Scrum masters

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